Commissioning a Personal Piece

It is a personal pleasure of Jennifer’s to capture the essence of a beloved animal or object in shattered glass. The finished piece will be a one of‐a‐kind custom portrait for you to enjoy for years to come. Sculptures will never be exact replicas of the subject, but rather interpretive representations of its shape, size, color, personality, and energy. It is the artist’s true bliss to create a work of art that touches your heart and brings you joy, laughter, and happiness.

The Process

Jennifer will personally speak with you regarding the details of your sculpture subject so that she can most accurately capture its radiance in a beautiful sculpture. The following information will be helpful to clarify specifically what you would like:

‐ What is the approximate height, width, length, and weight of your subject?

‐ Does your subject have a name?

‐ What is its age?

‐ Please describe how it looks to you.

‐ Describe its personality.

‐ Why did you pick this subject? What are your feelings towards it?

‐ Is there a specific pose you would like your subject to be in?

In addition, a minimum of four photographs of your subject will be requested, including a front view, profile, side view, and rearshot. Also, if you have a preference for a particular stance, a photo of this pose will be helpful.

Once Jennifer receives all of your information she will determine a price for the piece. For work to commence a 25% non‐refundable deposit will be required. The balance will be due upon completion of the sculpture. Please allow 8‐12 weeks for your sculpture to be completed.